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Doesn't this art installation look like made for loving couples?

(Seen on 3 February 2014) Even the name of the exhibition 'Bedrooms and Other Experimental Arrangements' fits to the first impression that the work is about the dynamic which evolves when couples are together and the effects of a relationship on life concepts and the individuality of two persons. The exhibition is a retrospective of Vienna-based German artist Dorothee Golz' work since the late 90ies. Her sculptures (such as cups and plates that are grown together) and media works like the 'Digital Paintings' series (picture left on the image; where Renaissance portraits of women are set into new sceneries) point out the influence of society on personal freedom and self-image. "...Golz investigates historical and present social projections and clichés relating to the perception and portrayal of women and men." introduces Galerie im Taxispalais into the exhibition (open until 23 February 2014).

Valentine's Day is coming soon. Why not throwing another, serious light on relationships by visiting the exhibition 'Bedrooms and Other Experimental Arrangements' by Dorothee Golz?

fig.: 'Schlafzimmer und andere Versuchsanordnungen' ('Bedrooms and Other Experimental Arrangements') by Dorothee Golz, exhibition view Galerie im Taxispalais, Innsbruck, Austria (14 December 2013 - 23 February 2014). Photo: (C) WEST Fotostudio, Wörgl.

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