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18 July 2017

Vienna Insight: Opening of new 'Museum of Illusions'

In Vienna, several interesting exhibitions are on show through summer - but the exhibition concerning the manipulation of the perception of reality at the 'Museum of Illusions' is currently the one with the highest fun factor when it comes to entertainment through interactive experiences for the whole family: visitors are invited to bring their cameras and take photos! (Well, that's rarely allowed in museums.) Several Austrian daily newspapers reported already about the opening of the new museum on 14 July at Wallnerstrasse 4 at the 1st district of Vienna with pictures of the visitors' interactive use of visually transformed architecture of spaces (image above) and installations (image below) which are challenging the eyes and - this is the educational task of the museum - the brain. More than 70 installations of holograms, stereograms, optical illusions are arranged to entertain and to make people understand that not everything we see is real. In times of fake news, biased statistical data and supernaturally perfect looking selfies, the museum reveals some strategies how the perception of an assumed 'reality' can be built with some tricks. "These brain bashers are definitely great fun but tend to be frustrating as well." is stated at the website of the 'Museum of Illusions' which belongs to the Croatian eponymous museum chain.

Photos: (C) Sport-IT

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