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24 February 2018

Sound and music highlights at this year's Wiener Festwochen (11 May - 17 June 2018, Vienna)

By browsing through the program of Wiener Festwochen 2018, the impression evokes that the curating team under the direction of Tomas Zierhofer-Kin invited artists from fields like dance, performance, theatre, art or music to explore our changing world from various angles - not for finding instant answers but to act primarily as mirror for personal reflections. One of the core motives for this year's program is the observed fragility of today's democracies and the people's fear caused by uncertainty. The program's text is a heavy reading about a challenged society, but it's lightened up with some optimistic glimpses directing the way into many possible futures. For example, the data-audio-visual installation 'micro | macro' by Ryoji Ikeda explores society's perception which depends nowadays increasingly on data and may implicate people's learning competence to handle data as representatives or visualizers of with eyes or ears unviewable, inaudible realities. Even an event series dedicated to club culture - which is commonly associated with fun, becomes at the Wiener Festwochen a socio-politically driven music event about personal freedom and the club as experimental platform for building new social structures. 'Hyperreality' will happen on three days with artists such as Kelela (25 May) who spreads critical thoughts about power structures via pop songs.

fig. below: F23 is one of the locations where the Wiener Festwochen will happen from 11 May until 17 June 2018 in Vienna. The three days event 'Hyperreality - Festival for Club Culture by Wiener Festwochen' is scheduled for 24, 25 and 26 May at F23. Photo: © Wiener Festwochen.

Another music highlight at the program is '∑(No,12k,Lg,18Wfw) New Order + Liam Gillick: So it goes..' (12, 13 May) which may remind visitors that re-thinking the past and defining the present for building the future are skills which make humans exceptional.

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