Masculinities 5 November – 18 December 2005 Video Forum at NBK
fig.: Bjørn Melhus: Auto Center Drive, 2003 (video still) Bjørn Melhus work is about the rituals of finding his own identity (reality :: stardom) in a world dominated by he media.

The exhibition presents works by 7 artists and one group about the new, various images of male in the current post-feminist society. "We know from the history of art and literature that times of crisis have always been productive with regard to new images of masculinity. Whether at the time of the Italian Renaissance, the French Revolution, on the threshold to bourgeois modernity, or as a consequence of the student movements in the 1960s: past leading images of masculinity began to waver and divergent forms were initiated. It seems logical, therefore, to generate an exhibition from the current crisis of hegemonic masculinity outlined above." Curator Kathrin Becker: Man in a Predicament next>>>