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Meannorth aka Naja Conrad

presented by Advanced Minority

7 November - 6 December 2008
Gallery “art space”, Vienna

Why Naja Conrad has chosen women as her favorite subjects

The artworks by Danish artist/designer Meannorth aka Naja Conrad, now even on T-shirts by Advanced Minority, a brand by artists who collect and produce art works on textiles, are exhibited through December 2008 in Advanced Mintority's own gallery “art space” in Vienna.

Naja Conrad draws her inspiration from hard-core music, fashion and by keeping in touch with the world around her. “I lived in Berlin for a while. In those days, I was part of the hard-core music scene and experimented with drugs. It’s excellent energy for work and helps me indulge in my obsession with spaces between lines and curves.

She creates distinct personalities for each character of her illustrations. Whether it is editorial work or art pieces for exhibitions.

I usually make up a short story or sentence of what my characters could say or think”, she says.

In one of her illustrations, Conrad depicts an attractive, fashionable girl with an elongated body, nice features and funky styling. A strange, little monkey rests on her back and its speech bubble allows further introspection: ‘I see something that you don’t see’.

Women have so many facets: beauty, intelligence, determination, as well as strengths”, says Conrad, which is probably why she has chosen them to be her favorite subjects.


fig.: "Monkey on my back" by Meannorth
(aka Naja Conrad)

Naja Conrad has successfully obtained various degrees from “Copenhagen Art School” and “Denmark Design School”. “It’s just easier to get jobs with a piece of paper in your hands”, she admits.

Conrad has worked on numerous projects, ranging from the clothing line “Max Mara” to the solid perfume “Filth”, as well as an award winning children’s book. Her graphics, illustrations and paintings have been shown at exhibitions in China as well as the U.S., and she has successfully worked for many fashion and lifestyle magazines.



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