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Winner of the 2008 Design Exchange Award for Fashion Design

In December 2008 the Canadian born now in UK based designer Andrew Majteny was awarded with the North American 2008 Design Exchange Award (DXA) for Fashion Design for his creation of a functionable cape for challenged people to participate in outdoor activities during cold and extreme weather conditions.

"There is a definite market opportunity as the disabled have little choice in functioning, fashionable wear. The only capes available on the market are glorified blankets and wraps. The Cozy Cape is filled with pure Canadian Down and provides an excellent source of both padding and insulation for those with limited mobility. Triple zippers enable the wearer to fully zip their arms and adjust the gaps for their arms. Detachable hood and collar provides variation for comfort. Easy clean/easy care nylon-blended microfibre shell prevents snow accumulations."

About Andrew Majtenyi
Majtenyi was born in St. Catharines, Ontario. He studied at Niagara College, London Central School of Fashion, Sheridan College and George Brown College, all of which specialize in various aspects of Fashion Design, Colour Theory and Image Management. Soon after graduation Andrew designed costumes for various theatres including a production of “The Velveteen Rabbit” which was commissioned by the multi-talented choreographer Kathleen Rea, before concentrating on his own signature line.

International shows: Andrew Majtenyi has shown in Canada, Prague and Dubai Fashion Week, has twice been invited to guest-star at Zagreb Fashion Week alongside leading design talents from Europe, Asia and Australia.

Awards for Andrew Majtenyi’s work include National Post Design Exchange Award for Fashion Design, choice recipient for the City of Toronto FILC “Most Promising New Designer,” and Mecene Golden Needle Award Finalist, Los Angeles.

His collections are developed under themes such as "Homo Volans" (Flying Man) FW 6/7 where he featured 26 outfits on the parachuting theme for highly styled skydivers, or "Crash test dummies" which brought speed and dramatic into the London Fashion Week: the designer was inspired by crash test dummies and America’s ongoing fascination for police chases

For the FW8/9 collection he was inspired by climatic change: he translated his vision of rough, rugged and arctic terrains into abstract quilted jackets, ice-white sheer dresses elaborated with spatterings of velvet and tailored coats. Check out the full article and video from the catwalk

Andrew Majtenyi will present his next FW9/10 collection during the London Fashion Week in February 2009. Check out catwalk shows and movies such as the FW7/8 about Crashtest-Dummies under the title "Smash" or the collection FW6/7 "Homo Volans" inspired by skydiving

Design Exchange was established to promote Canadian design (fashion, urban, interactive media ...) by showcasing works in an own museum where even education and research happens. The judges for the awards are selected from potential business partners for the designers as well as from the design community. Find more information about Design Exchange


fig.: Cozy Cape by Andrew Majtenyi, 2008. photo: Marek Wlazlo





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