- selected fashion news for mobile phones celebrates 12 years top-relevance in 'fashion'

On occasion of the 10th anniversary of Google and the search in the oldest available Google-index, is proud to celebrate 12 years top-relevance in 'fashion'. celebrates continued international top-relevance in the category 'fashion' since 1996. With the anniversary-search of in their oldest available index (January 2001) you will find out that the magazine ranked with the "mother" of all Fashionoffice channels on the 3rd place of about 6,840,000 results for ‘fashion’. Today, the magazine is still on the first site of 450,000,000 results on worldwide searches for ‘fashion’ in Google. In October 2008 Fashionoffice is listed on the first site in 'fashion' as the first of 264,000,000 results.

Founded in 1995 with the extensive “FashionAvigator”-study about fashion online, Fashionoffice was in 1996 one of the first fashion magazines exclusively published online. Soon the magazine has established special channels about fashion, art, luxury and beauty and received several prizes such as the ‘Angel of Fashion Award’ in 1996.

Probably one of the reasons why Fashionoffice has gained this top Google position over so many years is that it is not a loveless copy of a printed edition and has never followed the idea to become a copy of a traditional magazine; Fashionoffice is an authentic online magazine, born of the internet with all the features we love the media for: text, image, video, music, interaction,” publisher Dr. Karin Sawetz assumes about the success of Fashionoffice.


Search Google in January 2001


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