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fall/winter 2008/9

Recycled fashion products are trendy. The best of them have additional community qualities.

In October the Viennese trend store be a good girl invites on three days to cut after the pattern of your favorite bag model used truck tarpaulins (you can choose between different colors/prints) for creating your individual Freitag bag.

be a good girl will send the pieces for sewing to Switzerland. Three or four weeks later you will get the bag. On 23 Oct from 18.00 - 22.00 you can eat a Viennese Schnitzel with beer together with the Freitag Bros. (picture below) at the be a good girl "Freitag's lounge".

In 1993, the graphic designers Markus and Daniel Freitag created their first Messenger Bag made of old car materials. Soon they became a cult object – first of all in Zurich, then in Berlin, Vienna, London, Paris, Tokio, New York and Shanghai. Until today, Markus and Daniel have designed more than 30 models and produce since more than ten years bags and accessories made from used materials and found on the road outside your front door: old truck tarpaulins tanned by exhaust fumes, cycle inner tubes and used seat belts, as well as the new resource of used airbags. In 2003 Freitag's classic bag "Top Cat" was collected by the MoMA, New York. Today Freitag is available in over 350 shops and online.

"... The Freitag Bros. are no longer making their bags in their apartment. They’ve got themselves a nice ’n neat little business with 40 employees, a worthwhile home page ( and all that. The bags aren’t sewn on-site anymore, they are partially outsourced to a manufacturing facility employing disabled people. ..." From: "The Beginning" by Oliver Gemperle. Source:


Video: Daniel Freitag about the green concept and the trendiness of Freitag bags.

maxxmo's radiofig.: Markus and Daniel Freitag.
Photo: Isabel Truniger
On 23 Oct from 18.00 - 22.00 you can eat a Viennese Schnitzel with beer together with the Freitag Bros. at the be a good girl "Freitag's lounge".

You can cut and design your individual bag

> online
Since October 2002 you can create your own bag on the application. You can choose from twelve truck tarpaulins. You drag and drop the Freitag stencils onto the tarps (wherever you want to).

Freitag has a customizing option which makes these bags extraordinary:
"... you can decide to put the FREITAG logo on your F-CUT bag (in case you need our support in making your decision). Or you can decide to go without it – after all, you are the creator. It’s your fault!"

> on 23 - 25 Oct 2008 at be a good girl in Vienna, Austria


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