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spring/summer 2009

Shoes for every occasion

The Italian brand for "breathable" shoes and apparel Geox presents for spring/summer 2009 a new technology: the sportwear line with Net System for women and men.

Geox, founded 1995 with the idea of breathable soles for shoes, entered the sportswear sector in 2008. After four years of research the NET® System patent premiered. Net System releases the sweat produced by the foot sole during intense physical activity.

The collection for spring/summer consists of casual and classic products for women, men and kids. You can mix the apparel and shoes perfectly across the day; such as on the photo (image below).

The idea for breathable shoes

Mario Moretti Polegato, president of the company and founder of the group (born 1952) had the idea for the first patent during a business trip to Reno, Nevada where he promoted the family’s wine business at a trade fair. Mario Moretti Polegato decided to take a walk. Bothered by his overheated feet which were clad in rubber-soled shoes, he instinctively punctured holes into the soles to let air through.

He had created the world’s first “breathable shoe” through holes in the soles.


fig.: Choose the phyton printed leather wedge shoes with breathable sole for the elegant, very female appearance or the Geox Net "Women's Alpa" in platinum-white with superbreathable sole for walking through the city. The lamb leather jacket "Giacca" with patented transpiration system is combined for the classic look with comfortable stretch cotton trousers.

Video: Geox commercial "Smelly Fashion" for fall/winter 2008/9. A nice girl on the catwalk causes people collapsing when she takes her shoe off; the girl has no perforated shoes’ soles. The commercial is produced by the Italian Central Groucho with collaboration from Folk and it is directed by Luciano Quilici.



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