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Hubert Becker

22 Nov - 20 Dec 2008
Galerie b2_
Leipzig, Germany

Breaking through your habits of thinking!

Until 20 December 2008 Galerie b2_ Leipzig (Germany) presents works by Hubert Becker under the title "La Condition Humaine" (referring to the painting of Réné Magritte from 1933) about our perception in times of mechanical reproduction and predetermined ideas of reality questioning our habits of thinking.

Look at the picture on this site: is it a painting or photography of one pair of shoes? What do we see on a photo? What is real and what is rebuild?

"... none of Hubert Becker’s photographed motives show what they pretend to be: What looks like a drawing of shoes is actually a real pair of shoes, painted white and drawn over.
Becker reflects (and creates) art for himself by rebuilding a photo, of what seems to incidentally matter to him, as a model, taking a photo of it and finally destroying it. The results are photographs that equally move and irritate.
It’s an exhibition which visualizes especially one thing: our consciousness is a construct."

Michael Grzesiak, translated by Anna Gehlen: "The momentary creation of space within pictures. Hubert Becker 'LA CONDITION HUMAINE'" Galerie b2_ , 2008.


fig.: Shoes / Schuhe 2003, 18,5 x 24 cm Barytabzug 10/10. Courtesy the artistfig.: Ann-Sofie Back, Spring/Summer 2009; London Fashion Week in September 2008.


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