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KRABAT - movie release in October 2008

The story is about the young man Krabat (DAVID KROSS) in the times of the Thirty Years' War (1618–1648) in Germany who finds out that the white magic of love has more power than the black magic.

The costume design followed the visual concept of the cinemascope movie. The designers worked with the sketches of the „moodboards“ to develop the scenery such as architecture, costumes. Costume designer Anke Winckler and her team have been searching in historical sources (old paintings, costume books,...) for original rural clothing of the early 17th century in a special region of Germany. Video: The costume design team about their work. The Museum in Bautzen was the most important source for their work. In a second step they produced sketches, selected fabrics, colors, discussed finishings (such as bringing a vintage look into new textiles) to find the significant look of each role.

Anke Winckler combined for this movie old and new - fantastic - design elements. The designer's main interest was to express the mystical mood of the black mill. Although the young fellows wear black frocks in Otfried Preußler's novel, you will find out that each role in the movie has its individual color concept - a necessity for the dramaturgy of the movie (picture below). The color concept of the movie reflects the four seasons, which are the timeline of the story. You will find from the green of grass to grey of dirty snow in winter all colors nature offers.

Video: The costume design team about their work


KRABAT (2008)

written by Michael Gutmann, Marco Kreuzpaintner after Otfried Preussler's novel
directed by Marco Kreuzpaintner
starring: David Kross (Krabat), Daniel Brühl (Tonda), Christian Redl (Master), Robert Stadlober (Lyschko), Paula Kalenberg (Kantorka), ...
costume design Anke Winckler














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