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fall/winter 2008/9

Does a "Viennese Fashionistas Taste" exist?

In 2008 Daniela Emminger has founded her own company: 'Rosi Cobra' is the new brand for in-house cooking, catering, events, ... in Vienna. The former marketing and public relation specialist for edgy design houses and exclusive cosmetic labels brings a new style to fashion press days in Vienna.

Question: Rosi Cobra cooks for fashion people such as for journalists on occasion of the Levi’s and Nike press days in Vienna this year. Does a “Viennese Fashionistas Taste” exist?

Rosi Cobra: "I think it's the same story all over the world when it comes to Fashionistas and Food
– people hardly eat at all in order to wear size zero. But that's stupid, because enjoying food is one of the nicest and even sexiest things I can imagine. As always, it's the amount that counts. Therefore in the fashion szene I put lot's of stress on healthy and fresh ingredients and often serve mediterranean food – like sautéd vegetables, prosecco-plums or veggie-crêpes."

Question: Can you describe it; do they prefer Oriental cooking, Italian, classical Austrian … ?

Rosi Cobra: "Generally I'd say that journalists are always looking for something new. Therefore the presentation of food as well as the taste definitely count more than the origin of the recipe. A traditional Austrian Kaiserschmarrn – if it's small but nice – is definitely as “hot” as interesting, exciting oriental stuff. From my point of view at the moment light cooking and real hâute cuisine are quite popular. And, last but not least, self-made food à la grandmother, becomes more and more important again."



fig.: Daniela Emminger, founder of Rosie Cobra. Photo: ©2008 natascha unkart

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