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maxxmo's radioANNE WELLMER
DER STEIRERHÖRHUT (free transl. "The Styrian Acoustic Hat")

20 Oct (17.30 opening) - 20 Nov 2008
Steirisches Heimatwerk, Graz

Part of the project series "DUR – DER UNPRIVATE RAUM" (means as much as "major - the non private space") with focus on the experience of space by acoustic art installations; curated by Josef Klammer. (

A Hat for the Acoustical Experience of Space

"Der Steiererhörhut" - the German artificial word "Steirerhörhut" could be translated as "Styrian Acoustic Hat" or even as "Styrian, listen the Hat" because "hör" can be read as the imperative of "listen" - by artist and composer of electronic music Anne Wellmer (aka "nonlinear") is part of the project series "Dur - der unprivate Raum", which means as much as "major - the non private room".

At the exhibition you can lend the original Styrian hat for a walk through the city of Graz. A special microphone on the hat is for the acoustical experience of the earth such as the rumours of an anthill, the sound of floating water, ... For the space above the wearer Anne Wellmer has installed an antenna: perhaps you can hear how the crow moves the air with her feathers ...


maxxmo's radiofig.: Steirerhörhut

Hat Manufacturer & Artist/Composer

The installation is a cooperation with the last manufacturer for customized hats in Graz. The Huterzeugung Josef Kepka & Söhne produces hand-made pieces in a 100 years old tradition with historical equipment (

The composer Anne Wellmer lives and works in Den Haag (NL)



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