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Music Tip

Video: "Birds Fly Away" is the new "kitchen video" by Theresa Andersson (fall 2008) from her new album "Hummingbird, Go!" This is the second homemade video for Theresa Andersson's new album "Hummingbird, Go!".

You can see the musician who is described by the magazine Rolling Stone in September 2008 as a “Swedish vocalist blends chockablock rhythms, fairy tale instrumentation and dreamlike melodies for music that recalls a spacier, sultrier Feist,” as a one-woman band in her kitchen. She mixes the music by herself with hands and toes while playing on different instruments.

The Swedish born and now in New Orleans living musician explains her approach to the compositions: "I stopped thinking in terms of traditional songwriting. I worked on shapes, forms, and textures, scents and colors. Elements which are more earthy and organic inspired me." Theresa Andersson is on tour now: 7 Nov Toronto, 8 Nov Montreal, 10 Nov Massachusetts, 12 Nov New York, ... to name only a few. Check out more about the composer/songwriter/singer, tour dates, tracks of the new album on



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