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spring 2009

Fashion Trends transferred to Home Textiles

In early 2009 H&M launched the new brand product line 'Homeware' with a revolutionizing way to shop: home textiles and accessories inspired by current fashion trends and designed for every room of the home are available exclusively through a directional mail order catalogue and online!

“Simplicity and how easy it is to shop is key. We want to show people that it doesn’t have to be expensive or dramatic to change your home,” says Evelina Kravaev Söderberg, H&M Home’s head of design.

Trend Spring/Summer 2009: Nautical Colors

As in fashion, nautical ideas are a recurrent theme in interiors too. The classic red, blue and white palette is added with artistically painted stripes and striking use of typography adorning duvet covers, pillowcases and kitchen textiles.

World of Architecture: Monochrome Colors

Type and specifically numbers can also be seen on the striking monochrome pieces that have been influenced by the worlds of architecture and illustration. Napkins and tablemats featuring a graphic tape measure motif, gridded tablecloths and geometric cushion covers bring ordered masculinity to any space.

Action Painting: Energetic, bright Colors

Another element of the collection is more energetic and designed for the urban lifestyle. Inspired by the recent trends in fashion you will find clashing bright neon colours, eye-catching striped bed linen and Jackson Pollock-inspired paint splatter printed cushions.

The first collection is available from February 2009 in the markets where distance selling is already established: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Austria and the Netherlands

Check out the new spring/summer 2009 collection by H&M, elaborated with strong focus on one central theme: 'the variety in fashion' and two keytrends: 'volume and curves' which express a new femininity inspired by the 50ies and the 70ies


fig.: Open house H&M Home in Berlin, 27 November 2008. Photographer: Marcus Zumbansen


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