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fal/winter 2009/10

German design and music on the catwalk
: good night, beautiful girl/boy

The German designer Kilian Kerner presented his fall/winter 2009/10 collection of around 40 outfits for him and her with the title 'gute nacht, du wunderschöne(r)' (free translated 'good night, beautiful girl/boy') in front of German movie-celebrities Tom Schilling, Jeanette Biedermann, violinist David Garrett... in January 2009 during the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Berlin.

The show began with the premiere of the new song 'good night sleeping stranger' by the rock-electro band SplinterX. Ben Ivory is the lead singer of the five Berliners who made their debut with 'The Sound of Revelation' in summer 2007. It was the second time, that SplinterX performed on the Berlin Fashion Week catwalk for Kilian Kerner

Kilian Kerner's collection offers from mini-dresses to drainpipe trousers, leather jackets, hoodies over floating ball-gowns the whole program for styling up through day and evening.


fig.: Kilian Kerner fall/winter 2009/10

Video: Kilian Kerner fall/winter 2009/10
on 31 January 2009 during the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Berlin; by (the Fashion-Video-Clip-Board of the magazine



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