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The band is on tour now: 27 Feb Berlin (DE), from April on through the United States, Canada, in mid-May together with Depeche Mode in the Balkans...

Electronic music, strongly influenced by 80ies New Wave, with two angel voices - too sweet to be true!

Video: 'Runaway'
(released 15 Sep 2008) by the Liverpool electronic band Ladytron from their fourth album 'Velocifero'; released at Nettwerk Music Group

The band's name comes from the song 'Ladytron' on the debut album (1972) of Roxy Music. On the video you can see Mira Aroyo and Helen Marnie.

The band is on tour now: 27 Feb Berlin (DE), 1 April Milwaukee (US), 2 April Minneapolis (US), 3 April Chicago (US)... Canada (Toronto, Montreal...), US (Boston, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco...) to name only a few.

Denver (5 May) is the last station before they are starting in mid-May 2009 to concert with Depeche Mode in the Balkans: 16 May Bucharest, 18 May Sofia, 20 May Belgrade ...

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