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March 2010 - II: Wild femmes; Literature & fashion

Wild femmes - Formula One Grand Prix
On 14 March 2010, Bahrain hosts the Formula One Grand Prix. On occasion of speed, Fashionoffice has styled the 'Slow Speed' look with fashion by BMW, Beatrice Boyle for Browns Focus, Felder Felder and Balenciaga - seen at Browns, beauty by Aveda, lifestyle by Sigg and Vivienne Westwood...

Wild femmes - Martin Margiela FW2010/11 Web/Mobile
The 'Wild Femme' appeal of this collection is enhanced by the makeup. You can imagine that the model is just coming from backstage where she has wildly kissed a man - or a woman. Or has the model just...?

Wild femmes - How far can humans go until breaking? Web/Mobile/Map
Superhero, Samurai - the idea of proving how far a human being can go until it breaks is visualized by a labyrinth of blocks and protective shells on the armour-a-like pieces of the zazo+brull FW2010/11 collection. The Spanish designers have invited Fashionoffice to the opening of the 'Fragil'-installation...

Literature & fashion - Social media methods of a journalistic survey on art Web/Mobile/Map
The vibration of the acid-house rythm that Drury Brennan's words evoke makes this article about avaf's psychodelic art so authentic. The second reason is the social media aspect in the Flaunt Magazine article. There are many ways to make a survey; Brennan's is a very creative one...

Literature & fashion - Women's Jeans Style & The idea of a writer packed into a scent Web/Mobile
Since 2009, Fashionoffice has received several announcements from exhibitions and events that spot closer on the American novelist William S. Burroughs and his influence on contemporary art and popular culture. Probably because he used a 'social media-style' to produce art...

Map point - The Fashionoffice Map Map
The map shows some interesting places where people are creating fashion. Follow the points on the map...


Wild femme on fashion literature - Art about reading fashion Fashion and fashion magazines are easy to read. This easiness with all the beauties and beautified things can recover the ‘real things’ perfectly. Already in the 70ies fashion magazines came into the focus of scientists and artists; such as US (Brooklyn) born artist Martha Rosler who "deconstructs the messages in Vogue and its advertising. Rosler looks at the institutional slants of the magazine industry and the fashion industry's reliance on sweatshops." The video ‘Martha Rosler Reads Vogue’ from 1982 is exhibited from 12 March to 4 April 2010 in the Grey Area Gallery in Brighton (UK). Details on

A fashion designer's dance costumes From 12 to 14 March 2010, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago presents a performance about borders and territories, 'Marchland' by the dance company 'The Seldoms' with visuals by artist Fraser Taylor and costumes from Lara Miller. The performance 'Marchland' was inspired by a video of Taylor that shows drawings made onto the surface and fits perfectly to the concept of Lara Miller's fashion concept which is influenced by Chicago's architectural and cultural landscape. Lara Miller appeared several times at GenArt’s Fresh Faces as well as at Macy’s Designer Shop. The eco-conscious designer states on her website "I see my company as a way to support my community - not only by using organic materials while adhering to a 'green' lifestyle and workspace - but also by manufacturing locally and working to sustain the sewn products industry in Chicago."

The Styleprofiler.Blog - the new blog is part of the Online Media Academy and gives insight into journalism. The Styleprofiler.Blog is written in German and delivers information about Austrian fashion.


'Stylo (ft. Bobby Womack & Mos Def)' by Gorillaz from the album 'Plastic Beach'. The album was released on 8th March (US 9 March).

A fashion photographer's music video In March 2010, the video from Paris born in New York living fashion and celebrity photographer Antoine Verglas for the track 'Cascade' from the 5 five song debut release from the British group Deluka premiered on the internet. His work can be seen in fashion magazines like Esquire, GQ, Sports Illustrated or Vogue. And there is another song - but yet without stylish video - that you shouldn't miss: Ellie Innocenti (some compare her with 'Ladytron') begins 'O.M.F.G' with the words "Oh my god; I start to panic..." And then there is another one: 'Black Cloud' where Ellie sings "There is always a choice..."

70ies punk-rock inspired track 'Echo' by the Austrian band 'Jellybeat' with the bold voice of Katrin Navessi. 'Echo' is the first track from the new album, release on 19th March.

A female singer, writer, musician, teacher, producer... New York based Erica Quitzow is singer, musician, writer... in one person. Recently, an announcement of the new album 'Juice Water' (1st June on Young Love Records) arrived at Fashionoffice. Quitzow's voice is described by All Music Guide with the aggression of Peaches and the melodic richness of the Magnetic Fields. The Quitzow sexy dancefloor-ready pop tours in April and May in Europe. The musician, who teaches additionally music lessons in the afternoon, says in her interview with the Italian about the inspiration for her music and lyrics: "Everywhere, everyday life. A lot of my lyrics are based on conversations with friends, experiences that seem common, a story that feels familiar that I think will feel familiar to a lot of people." The track 'The Cut' on Quitzow's MySpace-site gives a first taste of the new album.

Comic-strip documentary about the beginning of a punk-electronic music partnership The heroes in the story that premiered on 2 March on the blog of are Solex (aka Dutch sample artist and singer Elisabeth Esselink) vs. the punk musicians Cristina Martinez and Jon Spencer. The product of the partnership, the album 'Amsterdam Throwdown, King Street Showdown!' will come out on 18 May on Bronze Rat Records. The news arrived at Fashionoffice with the comment: "3 pioneers. Meet them in the street after dark. There's gonna be a psychedelic genre-bending knife fight. So don’t forget your scuba fins and get ready to dance! You lucky, lucky bastards you."



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