29 July 2011 - Short Message

Music: 'Vagabond' by Beirut from the new album 'The Rip Tide' (Pompeii Records, August 2011)

...by Brooklyn based musician Zach Condon, who interprets with his band 'Beirut' European folk traditions. Since his first album 'Gulag Okestar' in 2006 the instruments are the same - a trumpet from Paris, glockenspiel, ukelele... - but on the new album 'The Rip Tide' the instruments' melodies are lighter, more easygoing, and the typical melancholic notes are turned into smiling compositions that carry songs about love and traveling. Such as 'East Harlem' which tells the story about Manhattan and the distances between the NY districts and how far it can seem to get from one end to the other if you are in love. The album is available on 2 August on midheaven.com/item/rip-tide-by-beirut-cd.

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