spring/summer 2011

Non-linear story with erotic twist

In April 2011, the Austrian natural mineral water label 'Vöslauer' launched the new media campaign 2011/12 which bases on a 'non-linear' strategy - in form (several devices/play stations) and content (various times, erotic twist).

In the center of the campaign is the short movie 'vöslauer-derfilm.com' (length 6 minutes, directed by Anthea Benton).

Let's start with the content: the story of the short movie is carried by the non-linearity of time, the visibility of hidden places which applies a mysterious vintage appeal to the multimedia campaign, and the relationship between women and men. Actress Nora von Waldstätten plays a writer who seeks inspirations for her new book from the historical thermal spa 'Vöslau' nearby Vienna, where the mineral water originates from ('Vöslauer' was founded 1936). There she sees a young woman (played by model Carmen Maria) in real and in a hidden room on old photographs dressed in 1920/30s fashion - she seems to stay forever young. The end of the movie's story has an erotic appeal - one surprise is followed by the next; it's another side of living a non-linear style.

The press material about the new campaign was sent in a paper booklet which contains a screen - like an iPad, that provides the movie, trailer and impressions from behind the scenes. The movie runs at the cinema 'Kino Cube' in the MQ Wien (MuseumsQuarter Vienna, 14 - 20 April 2011) and online.

fig.: Campaign image from the 'Vöslauer' multimedia project 2011/12. On another image, you can see the original architecture of Theophil Hansen from the 19th century. The thermal spa 'Vöslau' opened 1873. Photos: (C) Vöslauer.


Source: Original article with images on http://www.fashionoffice.org/cuisine/2011/voeslauer4-2011.htm.

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