Story and fashion of a calendar, starring Hollywood actress

...Penelope Cruz will be officially unveiled on 13 November 2012 in Milan, but Campari provided already on 23 October behind the scenes photos from the shooting.

Penelope Cruz is the 14th woman (in the years before Milla Jovovich, Salma Hayek, Jessica Alba...) who represents the label over one year via 12 months calendar. She received several awards like Bafta or the Oscar; Penelope Cruz was the first Spanish actress to receive the Academy Award known as 'Oscar. Her shoes and dresses for the calendar shooting were obviously selected after the color 'Campari'-red (photos below).

The imagery, its story and fashion of the new (limited edition of 9,999) Campari calendar 2013 will be unveiled at the event in attendance of Penelope Cruz in Milan. Paris-based photographer Kristian Schuller (studied fashion design at Vivienne Westwood and photography at F.C. Gundlach; worked for Harper's Bazaar or GQ) is convinced: "...the globe will love the imagery when they see the finished calendar, the theme in itself is intense, captivating and chic."

The globe will see on 13 November!

fig.: Shoes (and dresses - original photos).

fig.: Penelope Cruz and Kristian Schuller. All photos: Francesco Pizzo; (C) Campari.

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