17 February 2013 - Short Message

Three new dance-floor #music remixes of Gold Field's 'Dark Again'

Gold Fields unveiled three remixes of the track 'Dark Again' from the new album 'Black Sun' (release on 26 February via Astralwerks). The bass-orientated remix by Grouplove & Captain Cuts on Rolling Stone is probably the one you should listen first; not only because of the surprising insert at minute 3:38, the whole arrangement is interesting. But taste is individual and driven by emotions. The more 'lighter' version of 'Dark Again' by Penguin Prison sounds like mixed with 'happy'-potion (published on Filter) and the NOC/// remix is described as "ethereal" on Under The Radar.

Currently, the Australian 5-members band Gold Fields is touring through US.

Video for the original version of 'Dark Again', the video shows model Shaun Ross performing an action-painting archaic ritual; album 'Black Sun' (26 Feb, Astralwerks).

Short Message from 31 January 2013: Dance-pop #music 'Happy Boy' by #GoldFields from the debut album 'Black Sun' (out 26 Feb, #Astralwerks)

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