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On 27 August 2013, the European chain of fashion shopping houses Peek & Cloppenburg presented pieces from the high-fashion department 'Fashionation' with lifestyle images under the title 'Local Heroes from Berlin, Stuttgart, Vienna'.

Two years ago in August 2011, Peek & Cloppenburg opened its second fashion house in Vienna; currently, the six-floor building in cosmopolitan architecture is the city's largest department store. P&C is known for a wide range of styles delivered by hundreds of labels.

Fashionoffice selected from Fashionation's streetstyle series three 'Local Heroes' from Vienna, photographed by Sandra Semburg; the fashion items FW2013/14 are from Peek & Cloppenburg's high-fashion department 'Fashionation'.

fig. original: Nathalie Halgand (gallery owner 'Inoperable') wears the metallic-cream, lilac fake-fur coat by Donup.

fig. original, from left:

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