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Selected fashion news Jan - March 2009

Maxxmo's music collection
The railroad to the future; the development and perception of trends
The translation of automotive design into fashion; seen at JOOP! FW9/10
'Archaeology of the Future' curated by Li Edelkoort
Electronic music, strongly influenced by 80ies New Wave
High-ranking pages on Fashionoffice
A breathtaking and haunting forest driven by dozens of microprocessors
'Love' is in the center of the new sexual revolution
The Italian Style of city-car driving
Zerocrop's music? The songs about sex, love, hate have the taste of tobacco and leather.
Izabo's new album on funk-disco with orientalique touch
Lustful shopping experience in Vienna
The liberty to dream and fantasize about amorous adventures; read and seen at Erika Hendrix SS09
Working Class Hero, by Blaak from London
The elegant touch of contemporary men, seen at Cerruti FW9/10
Think about, dream with, or experience fear! Seen at John Scarisbrick for Diesel
Fashion Trends transferred to Home Textiles
UNKLE, Vinnie Pauleone and The Ba Da Bing Orchestra... music from the G-Star catwalks and events
William Eggleston's democratic view on Paris: the glamorous and the gritty, the everyday and the extraordinary
"... folk is not limited to a traditional sound but best brought to light by the sentiment of its maker," Dani Siciliano's sound mix for Gaspard Yurkievich's folk theme of the FW9/10 men's collection
Fashionoffice publishes new statistical data about the circulation
Expect the Unexpected, Paul Smith summer fashion and fragrance
This song is hand-picked by Steve Jobs
How to distribute art in times of digital communications? With large scale print publications!
German design and music on the catwalk; Kilian Kerner and SplinterX
Curse's political society-critically texts
The designers of 'Liniert' about seasonal trends and the influence of architecture on fashion
Credited as the first band that does a 'Virtual Internet Tour': Supreme Beings of Leisure
'Coolhunt'er Catherine Yan in Paris, visiting Stella McCartney's store
Amusing songs about women
Greg Kadel and David LaChapelle for Passionata
Keywords used by the users to reach Fashionoffice
DJ composition performed live on stage by musicians
In New York 'Coolhunt'er Catherine Yan grabbed for tips to stay chic in the chilly climates!
'Fuchsia Now' is the title of the new spring collection by Estée Lauder
Fashionoffice never wanted to be part of a revolution - but sometimes the revolution takes part of you.
Stay safe, change the logic of actions and reactions, and broaden the horizons!
One-part pieces for the cultural mix by Esprit fall/winter 2009/10
Couture Fashion Week 13 - 15 February 2009, New York
Emerging designers in Berlin: Seelenkleid, Volutio by Anna Kleihues
'Coolhunt'er Catherine Yan traveled to London and found out that England's Queen ...
Gucci's new star is a knight, carrying luggage
Fashionoffice is seeking for fashion, beauty and culture journalists!
Jürgen Knoth, how would you describe the style of Austrian designers?
... you have to expect that the designer's sense of humor will be included ...
Riding on Bikes through the City is Trendy
Natalia Vodianova is the new face of Guerlain
Advertising, politics, glamour and fashion

'Coolhunt'er Catherine Yan met designers in New York
Giorgio Armani, the inventor of cool glam
Trend Collections, Online Courses, New Magazine ...
About a waitress who dreams of being in the French resistance
Aéthérée's designer Ly-Ling Vilaysane about home, practical things and the real world
Catherine Yan discovers in Milan the Italian chic
What is the must-have in Paris?
In times of recession the volume of the clothes increases
Humorous French Chansons
Shitdisco's free parties in railway tunnels, club toilets...


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