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News from April - May 2009:

Photographic documentary about Liverpool's music 'Zeitgeist' since the late 70ies

Casino tokens, the idea of 'mirroring' and the challenge to be a woman; seen at ep_anoui FW9/10

Surprise and shock with edgy jewellery; seen at Zoe Kendall SS09

Swimwear styles: experimental, sportive and glam; seen at Kymare SS09

Learning machines and our role of designing them is the main theme of this month's Fashionoffice Insight by publisher Karin Sawetz, May 2009

'Green' products on the 'greenest' way to shop: Stella McCartney, Alexander Wang... in an online auction

Cytara is the virtual carrier for Fashionoffice

The robotic mannequin remembers which poses make you buy!

Turntablist Mike Hansen at 'The Communism of Forms'; at the Art Gallery of York University, Toronto

The signature design concept of fashion transferred to perfume; seen at Etro SS09

Excited by Simplicity; seen at Martin Grant FW9/10

How do fashion people move through the city?

Clever fastening means eating consciously!

Inspiration for the personal style 2009

Subject to speak about 2009

Personal Style 2009 + Men's Style 2009

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