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Media information, Feb 2009

Fashionoffice publishes new statistical data about the circulation

From 25 August 2008 to 25 January 2009 Fashionoffice has collected new statistical data about the magazine’s circulation by using Google Analytics on a third-party standard server. The exclusively online published fashion and beauty magazine (since 1996) is visited by users from all parts of the world: European visitors are with 61% the most frequent group, followed by users from the Americas 21% and Asia 14%. The most common language is English with 45%, followed by German 38%, Korean 2,4%,  Spanish 2%, French 2%, Russian 1,1%... 16.36% of the visitors are returning ones, 83.64% have been new during Aug 08 and Jan 09. This is a great reference for the positive development of traffic on fashionoffice.org.

“In 2007 we have transferred Fashionoffice with all the channels and domains from Europe to be provided in the US, California. The goal was to enhance the security for readers, our content and the advertising industry. Therefore we have monitored the progress of the legal situation for online publishers in Austria, Germany and the US, especially the development of the standardization of web hosting and web measurement tools for the advertising industry. The United States has won in the named issues: in Austria online journalism is most widely devaluated which can be explained by the media concentration; a similar situation can be found in Germany. Consequently, the methods for calculating reach which are used for the advertising industry are adjusted to this situation. Additional effects are the minor safety of online journalists such as the right to protect the confidentiality of sources (keyword: email secrecy) and the low security of intellectual property on third-party servers. As a result, political elections in Austria or Germany are not decided or perceptibly influenced by Internet publications.

In US the media policy is more advanced; the European circumstance stabilizes the traditional structures - media and government – but brings no change. Today, we are working on a third-party standard server in US, California which can not be configured by ourselves to work better or worse for selected routines, we are collecting statistical data with an internationally accepted tool (Google Analytics), and we are offering advertisers the service to target countries, languages, keywords by using the global accessible media planner of Google Adwords google.com/adwords. Currently, Fashionoffice has acquired the best and most secure conditions a publisher can serve for readers and advertisers,” Dr. Karin Sawetz, publisher Fashionoffice. 

Fashionoffice is constantly publishing new, additional statistical data about circulation and visitors such as “Keywords used by the users to reach Fashionoffice” on http://www.fashionoffice.org/press/2009/mediainfo2-2009.htm. The corresponding analysis of the favored articles which have been read during the last months will follow in the next two weeks.

Statistical Data:
Continents: Europe 61,327%; Americas 21,410%; Asia 14,101%; Oceania 2,305%; Africa 0,854%
Countries/Territories: France 21,275%; United States 16,826%; Germany 14,866%; Austria 6,909%; United Kingdom 4,497%; South Korea 2,366%; Australia 2,147%; Canada 2,044%; Japan 1,708%; India 1,441%
Languages: en 45,204%; de 38,388%; ko 2,385%; es 2,047%; fr 1,969%; ru 1,118%; pl 1,063%; zh 0,983%; pt 0,947%; it 0,828%; pl 0,815% ...
New vs Returning Visitors from Aug 08 to Jan 09: 83.64% New Visitor; 16.36% Returning Visitor
(Source of the statistical data: Google Analytics on a third-party standard (US, Globat, Linux) server; sample from the advertising spaces of all channels of Fashionoffice; 25 August 2008 - 25 January 2009; interpreted on 30 Jan 2009. The detailed report is available on http://www.fashionoffice.org/survey/2009/keywords1-2009.htm.)

Media information, Fashionoffice:

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