Medieninformation, Februar 2005
Des Pin-ups neue Kleider

Medieninformation, Jänner 2005
Modedesign-Wettbewerb zum Thema „Pin-up“

Media information, February 2005
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The Pin-up's new clothes

Media information, January 2005
Fashion Award “Pin-up”


Media information, 2004

WINNER: House of Diehl



The Pin-up of 2005 is waiting for her new innovative designer wear under the motto: “Dress up the Pin-up for a glamorous party”

„Shiny Curves“ by Triumph International; Photographer: Mario Schmolka (C) Triumph International

Media information, February 2005

The Pin-up’s new clothes
Fashion designers worldwide create new clothes under the motto of this year’s Triumph International Fashion Award „Dress up the Pin-up for a glamorous party“ for this icon of seduction
Toulouse-Lautrec, the American humanist Camille Paglia and the upcoming fashion designers: the thrilling alliance of lustful seduction and cheeky innocence of the icon “Pin-up” is the main theme. Closing date for the designers’ ideas of new clothes for a modern Pin-up for the Triumph International Fashion Award 2005 is the 1st May 2005. More information:

The typical formal construction of the Pin-up has not changed since the last hundred years: a woman, sexily but at the same time innocent looking, sitting or lying with angled legs and one or both hands behind her head. Starting with the first poster of Toulouse-Lautrec for the famous Parisian Moulin Rouge, till the well known American Pin-up artist Alberto Vargas the picture of the woman who is presented by the icon Pin-up is consistently enriched with new content. Today the Pin-up as the everlasting icon of seduction and innocence is a central theme for fashion. Designers worldwide add new glamour to this icon of popular culture. And as an icon can never loose its formal signs which make it recognizable, fashion designers provide this idol with a new, self-confident statement. And it seems as if the portrayed woman makes this statement by herself and says: “I love to be a woman.”

The cliché of the „blonde and dumb” Pin-up changed already in the 50ies. The German magazine STERN reported on the 18th February 1951 about a new type of Pin-ups. Dorothy Hart presented the newest swimwear collection in a shopping mall in New York - for her own security behind glass. Dorothy Hart was one of the new, intelligent Pin-ups. She made her PhD at the Western-Reserve-University.

Mary Jo Diehl shows the power of fashion for individualisation by using the icons of the American and European film

“Noodles Gettings” from the collection “The Iconic Woman” – House of Diehl, Mary Jo Diehl
Photo: (C) House of Diehl

In the following years the icon “Pin-up” has reached the next level. The academic feminist Camille Paglia, University Professor of Humanities and Media Studies at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, is also known as the "intellectual Pin-up of the 90ies“. In the centre of her theory is a new feminism with self respect of the own sexuality and a new lust for being a woman.
They (women) have an enormous power in their sexuality. It's up to them to use it correctly and to be wise about where they go and what they do…. I'll tell you what I'm bringing back. I'm bringing back lust!
„Crisis In The American Universities” by Camille Paglia, American Professor of Humanities, September 19, 1991 at M.I.T. in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Fashion as a mirror of the human society reflects this active role of today’s women with collections which pick out “Iconography” as a central theme and discuss the picture of a self-confident woman.

Liza Minelli, Catherine Deneuve, Kim Novak, Marlene Dietrich, Sophia Loren,…, the icons of the American and European film have influenced the successful collection “The Iconic Woman” spring/summer 2005 by House of Diehl. By using the role models from film, Mary Jo Diehl, winner of the Triumph International Fashion Award 2004, shows the power of fashion for individualisation. With each piece of her collection, she creates new types of women on the basis of icons. It’s up to the wearer, to choose the role she wants to live in.

Mary Jo Diehl has shown her work at Deitch Projects, Gale Gates Gallery, and Priska C. Juschka Gallery, in New York, as well as at the Hollywood Standard in Los Angeles. Her fashion designs have recently appeared in the David LaChapelle directed “Rich Girl” video for Gwen Stefani.

Photo by David Josias

"Fashion is self-expression. When words fail, this image of ourselves >our social skin< translates who we are across culture, creed, and color, instantaneously. This culturally relevant message, Style, is the combination of clothes and those that wear them. Style, this interactive art of fashion, is my medium: creating community; empowering people to express themselves (not cookie-cutter brand ideology); helping you wear what you mean." Mary Jo Diehl, designer of “House of Diehl”, winner of the Triumph International Fashion Award 2004

Aleksandra Paszkowska, finalist of the Triumph International Fashion Award 2004, presents the icon of the „princess“ in an humoristic new way

“Princess Red Dress”- Y-dress?, Aleksandra Paszkowska
Photo: (C) Gilles Rentiers

Aleksandra Paszkowska, finalist of the Triumph International Fashion Award 2004, worked about the icon “princess” in an humoristic way: the „Instant Princess“ carries the skirt made of tulle as a bag always with her. When she is invited surprisingly to a festive event she only has to roll out the tulle skirt and becomes in a few seconds a wonderful princess. Paszkowska presents a woman who is proactive and ennobles herself to a “princess”, when and wherever she loves to do so.

Aleksandra Paszkowska lives and works in Brussels. In 2003 she opened her first shop in the designers’ district of Brussels, rue Antoine Dansaert, in 2003. A second - temporary shop - opened in December 2003 - 47, place du Châtelain, in Brussels. In February 2005 Paszkowska has presented her concept-art piece „Unique print dress de Y-dress?“ during the „Paris capitale de la création“. Aleksandra Paszkowska dressed the hostesses for the “women’s & men’s wear Brussels“ in January 2005.

Photo: (C) Gilles Rentiers

Pin-Up - is for me a cartoon woman, ready to play the seduction game like cat and mouse! The preferred toys are inflatable boobies, vertiginous high heels, sensual voice and dirty/promising look, breathing sex; heart warming and generous.” Aleksandra Paszkowska, designer of “Y-dress?“, finalist of the Triumph International Fashion Award 2004

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