Medieninformation, März 2005
"Ich fühle mich wie ein Star"

Medieninformation, Februar 2005
Des Pin-ups neue Kleider

Medieninformation, Jänner 2005
Modedesign-Wettbewerb zum Thema „Pin-up“

Media information, March 2005
download PDF "I feel like a star"

Media information, February 2005
The Pin-up's new clothes

Media information, January 2005
Fashion Award “Pin-up”

Media information, 2004

WINNER: House of Diehl



The breathtaking design of "House of Diehl" from New York has won the Triumph International Fashion Award. Fashion that transforms individuals into glamorous super stars.

Photo: (C) Triumph International/Eckharter

Media information, March 2005

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“I feel like a star”

…says model Cynthia from Rome in the winner dress by House of Diehl at the glamorous Triumph International Fashion Gala in Vienna. The outfits of the finalists Aleksandra Paszkowska from Belgium and Elodie Sturniolo from Switzerland were presented by breathtaking models with fantastic lingerie of Triumph International. The motto of the Gala "look, pose, enjoy" encouraged the guests to collective voyeurism without any shame. Equipped with a single use camera everybody could put himself into the role of a professional photographer.

"The theme of the Triumph International Fashion Award 2004 has been: >Dress me Up! - The Seductive Décolleté< and has focused on the design of women’s wear that celebrates the beauty of the décolleté in underwear and swimwear. In four phases of selection House of Diehl from New York has got the most votes for their creation. Mary Jo Diehl has submitted the most thrilling design regarding the celebration of high quality underwear by breathtaking clothes. The designs of House of Diehl are more than good-looking fashion designs: they use fashion to deliver certain messages. The main topics of this kind of communicative fashion designs are topics like recycling, stardom and glamour. And by using the myth of the mermaid they have added a very strong gender theme to their creation." Dr. Karin Sawetz, publisher of

The international press about House of Diehl:
„Wild, provocative and everything else than conformist.“
i-D MAGAZINE: „House of Diehl’s clothes speak not about trends, but about concepts. “
THE WASHINGTON POST: "There is so much syrupy sweetness on the catwalks it is as though the industry has been glazed in sugar. One longs for something tart and bracing… HOUSE OF DIEHL seemed promising… The use of album covers was intriguing… The crowd cheered, a blonde screeched, "I never saw anything like this, never in my life." Afterward she gave the designers a standing ovation. That's a lot more affection than any of the folks showing uptown got."
WOMEN’S WEAR DAILY: "There are those who think fashion and art are separate, but for Mary Jo Diehl, they're one and the same. For spring, her collection was full of the silver-screen glamour of Old Hollywood, but with a conceptual twist. Diehl showed Bonnie Parker- and Marlene Dietrich-inspired dresses that had an 80s edge."
FASHION WIRE DAILY: "There was plenty of imagination in the clothes… the strengths of the design became clear: Innovative construction, an inventive silhouette, eclectic color sense."
Verena Heger (advertising and public relations manager, Triumph Austria), Roman Milisic (House of Diehl), Oliver Spiesshofer (CEO, Triumph Austria), Mary Jo Diehl (House of Diehl), Hermann Enenkel (marketing manager, Triumph Austria), model Cynthia with the winner design

Photo: (C) Triumph International/Eckharter

Mary Jo Diehl and her partner Roman Milisic have shown their work at Deitch Projects, Gale Gates Gallery, and Priska C. Juschka Gallery, in New York, as well as at the Hollywood Standard in Los Angeles. Her fashion designs have recently appeared in the David LaChapelle directed “Rich Girl” video for Gwen Stefani. The concept fashion label House of Diehl presents till June 2005 two works in the exhibition "Trade show" in the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art the dress "You want a piece of me?" becomes interactive by integrated calling cards and the work "Instant Couture" - a 15 minutes performance that shows the process of the creation of a star by the interplay of the designer and the one who wears the cloth.

Artist and philosopher MJ Diehl is a native New Yorker. Brought up on Bugs Bunny, Barthes and the Beastie Boys, she cites the thriving, creative international vibe of the city as her greatest inspiration. Narrowly escaping a philosophy career at Wesleyan University, a writing career, the casting couch, the psychiatrists’ couch, the music world and the rap world, MJ Diehl turned to her fiercest love >fashion< just two years ago. The first pieces she ever designed were immediately nominated for two of America’s most important fashion awards: Gen Art Styles and Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation. House of Diehl has shown in New York, Los Angeles and London. Select items are available at Henri Bendel.

Elodie Sturniolo seduces with transparent “harem clothes” and becomes finalist of the Triumph Award.

Photo: (C) Triumph International/Eckharter

Aleksandra Paszkowska develops the concept of the „Instant Princess“- a changeable skirt combined with a white corsage by Triumph.

Photo: (C) Triumph International/Eckharter

Triumph International Fashion Award:
• Innovative fashion designs from New York, Berlin, Vienna, Geneva, Florence, Shanghai, Teheran and Buenos Aires but also from Russia, Turkey, New Zealand and France have been submitted under the theme: >Dress me Up! - The Seductive Décolleté<
• Seven designers selected by an international jury have been promoted worldwide (representing a value of more than 90,000 Euro)
• About 2,000 fashion victims have voted online for their favourite designs

"The Award is one of the sexiest international prizes for innovative fashion. Designers from Asia, Australia, America and Europe have taken part. And the Award has internationally a great resonance in the media. Particularly from Russia and China, where fashion awakes now with a big rush, the number of visitors on raises day by day. Numerous Russian media report continuously about the Triumph Award; Chinese designers already have sent their creations for the current Triumph Award 2005. The award also has a strong Japanese fan community. So the greatest Japanese design festival "Design Festa" is a cooperation partner of in Tokyo since the beginning of the awards in January 2004." Dr. Karin Sawetz

The theme of this year’s award “Pin-up - Dress up the Pin-up for a glamorous party” is dedicated to the glamour of the golden times of Hollywood. It is focused on creative and innovative design of glamorous party clothes that celebrates the beauty of luxurious lingerie: bra and corsage as visible and integral parts. Closing date: 1. May 2005

Starting with the first poster of Toulouse-Lautrec for the famous Parisian Moulin Rouge till the well known American Pin-up artist Alberto Vargas, the picture of the woman who is presented by the icon Pin-up is consistently enriched with new content. Today the Pin-up as the everlasting icon of seduction and innocence is a central theme for fashion. Designers worldwide add new glamour to this icon of popular culture. Now the thrilling alliance of lustful seduction and cheeky innocence of the icon “Pin-up” is the main theme of this year’s Triumph Award. Closing date for the designers’ ideas of new party clothes for a modern Pin-up for the Triumph International Fashion Award 2005 is the 1st May 2005.” Dr. Karin Sawetz

More information about the Triumph International Fashion Award 2005:

For the participating designers this competition offers a high international reputation. Seven designers have the chance to be presented to an international audience with a great impact. As a world market leader for exclusive lingerie Triumph International equips the Fashion Award 2005 with prizes and extensive international presentations which make this award one of the most popular international fashion prizes.

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