media information, June 2004

Fashion designers
in public voting

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7 designers have been selected by a jury of fashion journalists to be presented in an online public voting until 30. September 2004. A live voting barometer will show the actual ranking.

The public voting on is part of the Triumph International Fashion Award 2004. The prices and international presentations represent a value of around 100.000 Euro, which makes this award one of the most important international fashion design awards this year.

Die 7 selected designers:

• Aleksandra Paszkowska – Polen (lives in Belgium)
• Caroline Deillon - Switzerland
• Elodie Sturniolo – Italy/Switzerland
• Gerhard Liska - Austria
• House of Diehl - USA
• Katharina Willer - Austria
• Thi Thanh Vu - Switzerland

Everyone who takes part in the voting has the chance to win swimsuits, bikinis, bras and corsets of the brand new collections of Triumph International.

Printable photos of the newest collections: has been the first online fashion magazine in German/English worldwide in 1996. Now is one of the most important fashion publications on the net.

More information:, Dr. Karin Sawetz. Tel: 0043.1.76985-101, E-Mail: