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House of Diehl is the winner of the Triumph International Fashion Award 2004


House of Diehl ist Gewinner des Triumph International Fashion Award 2004

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The global market leader in high quality woman underwear Triumph International has invited for the very first time in the company’s history to participate in the “Fashion Triumph 2004”. Designers from New York, Berlin, Vienna, Geneva, Florence, Shanghai, Teheran and Buenos Aires have sent their creations.

The theme of the award “The seductive Décolleté” has focused on creative and innovative design of women’s wear that celebrates the beauty of the décolleté in underwear and swimwear as visible and integral parts of clothes.

The total value of the prizes, including international media presentations represents more than 90.000 Euro. That makes the Triumph International Fashion Award 2004 one of the most valuable fashion design prizes.

Since February 2004 all attendees have been assessed in a process of selection in 4 phases:

1. Participants: Fulfilment of all the technical and thematic requirements. The theme of the award: >Dress me Up! - The Seductive Décolleté< focuses on the design of women’s wear that celebrates the beauty of the décolleté in underwear and swimwear.
2. The 7 Selected: an international jury of experts nominates 7 designers among all participants
3. The 3 Finalists: online voting on with weekly ranking to determine the 3 designers most adored by the public. The 3 Finalists House of Diehl, New York; Aleksandra Paszkowska, Poland, lives in Belgium; Elodie Sturniolo, Italy/Switzerland will present their designs at the Fashion Gala of Triumph International next year.
4. The Winner of the Triumph International Fashion Award 2004 has been selected from the 3 Finalists by a jury of international fashion journalists from France, Germany, England, Austria, USA, Australia and Japan.

House of Diehl’s transformative power of fashion:
Mary Jo Diehl tells us the story of the seductive sea virgin who touches land for the first time with her fashion concept “Mermaid”. And she shows us how fashion can transform us into a brand new individual and that we can trust in our natural glamour hidden in us.
Mary Jo Diehl's "Mermaid" wears silver glittering and wet shiny, transparent clothes combined with attributes of the earth in the fashion story she has created for the Triumph International Fashion Award 2004. Ornamentations made of wood - perhaps wood of the ship of the lover - recycled in a stylish model, frame this "water" coat.
Born in New York City Mary Jo Diehl describes herself as an artist and philosopher. For two years she has connected her interests in philosophy and music with her daily life in this city. The concept-fashion label "House of Diehl" is the result of that liaison. She has won two of the most important American fashion prices shortly after the launch of “House of Diehl”: the Gen Art Styles Award and the price of the “Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation”. Mary Jo Diehl presents "House of Diehl" in New York, Los Angeles and London. Select pieces can be bought at Henri Bendel, New York. You find the "Mermaid" outfit on the fashion platform

The international press about House of Diehl:

Wild, provocative and everything else than conformist.“

House of Diehl’s clothes speak not about trends, but about concepts. “

"There is so much syrupy sweetness on the catwalks it is as though the industry has been glazed in sugar. One longs for something tart and bracing… HOUSE OF DIEHL seemed promising… The use of album covers was intriguing… The crowd cheered, a blonde screeched, "I never saw anything like this, never in my life." Afterward she gave the designers a standing ovation. That's a lot more affection than any of the folks showing uptown got."

"There are those who think fashion and art are separate, but for Mary Jo Diehl, they're one and the same. For spring, her collection was full of the silver-screen glamour of Old Hollywood, but with a conceptual twist. Diehl showed Bonnie Parker- and Marlene Dietrich-inspired dresses that had an 80s edge."

"There was plenty of imagination in the clothes… the strengths of the design became clear: Innovative construction, an inventive silhouette, eclectic color sense."
The story of Triumph International dates back well over a century and its history parallels developments in the world of fashion. Founded in Germany in 1886 by the Spiesshofer and Braun families, who still manage the business today, the company grew from small beginnings to Europe’s largest lingerie manufacturer and a leading garment maker throughout the world. Production began in a barn in Heubach, Germany, with just 2000 Goldmarks and six employees. Today the company has a turnover of 1.6 billion US-$ and a workforce approaching 37,000. In 1886 the founders declared their dedication to innovation, a philosophy that remains the same to this day and in 1902 'Triumph' was officially registered as their trademark. Soon the company had independent subsidiaries for swimwear, daywear and nightwear and new technological developments such as moulding and high frequency welding, used instead of traditional stitching, were revolutionising looks and possibilities for Triumph designers. On a global scale, Triumph International is represented in almost every country in the world and the company produces and markets foundation garments, lingerie and nightwear, swimwear and beachwear, sportswear and leisurewear. Triumph International attributes its success as a worldwide active manufacturer to its strong brands: Triumph, Sloggi, Bee Dees, Valisere and HOM.
In 1996 has been the very first online fashion magazine in German and English worldwide. Now it is excellent ranked in Google, MSN and Yahoo and one of the most frequented fashion publications on the internet. Information about statistics and demography:

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For an interview with House of Diehl:, House of Diehl Studio, 279 Church Street, #2, New York, NY 10013.

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