aleksandra paszkowska

was born in 1969 in Poland. She passed her baccalaureat in Sweden and pursued her studies in Germany, France and Belgium. She speaks 6 languages fluently. Graduate from La Cambre( Brussels) in 1996, she
spent some time working for Ermenegildo Zegna and Gucci in Italy.

With her first collection in 1992, aleksandra paszkowska is the award winner of " La Belgique a du talent" with ‘aleksandra paszkowska for INNO’. In 1996, she creates Y-dress?.

Y-dress? is made in Belgium. Distribution in France, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, United States and Japan. In the spring of 2003 aleksandra paszkowska opens her Y-dress? shop, rue A. Dansaertstraat 102, 1000 Brussels.

Aleksandra Paszkowska - Corset
zip-on/zip-off - proposition for the corset: A corset is on it's own a top. A zipper placed on the bottom of the corset, allows to "add" fabric rectangles. Attaching all the zippers (and all the rectangles) together, like Siamese, an almost Victorian and flamenco-like volume comes out! You can modify it as much as you wish - zip on and off, zip up and down, zip together, zip apart....

Aleksandra Paszkowska - Bra
unzip my heart! - proposition for the bra: the design is based on a U-shaped zip that opens over your breast and hips. Feminine hospitality and generosity!

Aleksandra Paszkowska - Swimsuit
click-in dress - proposition for the swimsuit: is a bath-towel that turns to a dress, integrates totally the swimsuit, thanks to click-in buttons on the bra! It does not have it's own shoulder hangers, and it uses those of the swimsuit, that way you avoid the double shoulder straps. The deep décolleté in the back is enhanced by a long zipper, which closes the dress.For any beach and swimming pool social emergency!

Aleksandra Paszkowska - Bikini
kangaroo bra - proposition for the bikini: is a bra with a pocket between the boobies (created by a second elastic layer on the bra and on the pants) that allows you to transport any keys, credit cards, money etc - OR a mini-volume micro-dress - that covers you if needed on a beach+city promenade!