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Football TV on phones and fashion interviews at public viewing places

Tomorrow on 12 June 2014, the FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 kicks off with the match Croatia:Brazil. People around the world will be connected to each other more than ever before by not only watching (even via TV on mobile phone or tablet) but by commenting the games and its players in real time via social media. Technology producers are the pioneers of this new globally interconnected world; today, technic providers are (editorial) content producers as well such as seen at the TV-app offer or the fan-ambassador reports of the project 'One Stadium'. Fashion labels take part in the sports event in a similar way and slip into the role of media.

fig.: Underwear label BeeDees for example announces to send promo-girls in pieces from the 'Cotton Day' collection (bra and slip on the photo) to public viewing places in Germany for interviews with female fans concerning the players - and the women won't speak only about the men's athletic qualities. The promotion is entitled 'The World's best Cups' and references both - the football games as well as the technology of the bras. BeeDees hasn't announced the promotion on Facebook or on the own blog of the label's website yet; the latest entry is a 'Style' tip for the World Cup.

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