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Watch design tells history

In 2014, several exhibitions and activities commemorate the beginning of World War I (1914 - 18). Most of the events question how such dynamics could ever evolve that the world fought a war which caused indirectly even WWII. After the end of the wars, it took many years, decades to heal the (mental) wounds of people - and it seems as if some scars can't be forgiven easily, until today.

By reviewing the aesthetics of these years and re-working it such as Bell & Ross did now by re-designing the watch style of these times and referencing one very young and talented pilot, an additional view for raising awareness of human losses during WWI can be provided.

The pilot's name is Georges Guynemer. In April 2015, he became French military pilot and later commander of the 'Storks squadron'. The stork is incorporated into the clock face and Guynemer's portrait is engraved into the backside of the watch (pictures at the video below). The wrist band is made of natural calfskin with patina and the crown is over-sized (pilots wore thick gloves in their planes). The first picture on this page shows Georges Guynemer in front of his plane, nicknamed 'Vieux Charles' ('Old Charles'). He died 22 years old during combat in 1917.

The Bell & Ross 'Vintage WW1 Guynemer' (limited edition, 500 pieces; available from June 2014 in stores and online) is inspired by the first wrist watches which were worn by pilots in the early 20th century and pays homage to aviation pioneers during WWI. Photos by Bell & Ross (mid-April 2014).

Video: Alexandra Teboul, marketing Bell & Ross, speaks about the 'Vintage WW1 Guynemer' with closer views of the watch.


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