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fig.: The image above shows German graffiti artist, graphic designer Hombre SUK sitting at his studio work desk, sketching the frames for the Humphrey's X Hombre collection. Below: Hombre SUK talked about the collaboration with Humphrey's Eyewear on 15 July 2014 at Kunsthaus Maximilian in Munich. Photos provided by Humphrey's Eyewear.

Street artist Hombre's unisex eyewear in almost provocative-conservative business look

In mid-July 2014, graphic designer/street artist Hombre SUK (aka Pablo Fontagnier) and Humphrey's Eyewear (founded 1994, belongs to Eschenbach Optik) presented the collaborative collection of eight unisex styles which are inspired by HipHop culture and urban art. Hombre SUK (born 1981) describes his graffitis as semi-realistic, comic-cartoon inspired. He incorporates his art into his graphic designs and performs this parallel life of street art and graphic design since 1995. The eyewear designs center around the idea of 'caps' - not caps for the head but caps of the spray can. The different caps are responsible for the spraying qualities of a can. The eyewear models (Softcap...) surprise with an almost provocative-conservative, unsuspicious-business look.

Hombre SUK speaks in a video about the ideas behind his work and the collection. Via Facebook, the artist/designer posted stencil-like spray portraits with eyewear from the eight models collection (comes in September 2014 into stores):


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