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How workwear became iconic fashion

Yesterday on 7 July 2014, Fashionoffice published an article about tracht (originally workwear of European farmers, foresters) which became fashion during times of social changes in the late 19th century when many farmers had become industrial workers and workers requested social fairness. Aristocracy's takeover of the tracht during summer holidays was probably not only a sign of love for countrified lifestyle; 'simple life' and 'working' were already important values over all classes - even when not all worked.

Today, another example for workwear that turned into fashion: One of the most important fashion signals of a new structured, emancipated and democratic society of the 20th century were denim pieces like jeans or such as on this page Levi's iconic trucker jacket in combination with the label's skirt, shirt and cowboy hat. Cult movies with James Dean or Marilyn Monroe ('The Misfits' 1961) and a new request for more individual freedom turned the former workwear pieces (of American farmers, miners) into statement pieces of urban pioneers. In 1962, the first Levi's trucker jacket was available on the market and counts to the iconic fashion pieces since then - for both sexes. On this page, the trucker jacket is on view in classical denim (image above) as well as in caramel colored leather (picture below).

(All pieces on this page are from the upcoming Levi's Icons FW2014 collection.)

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