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T-shirt and sweater prints with eco-political content

From today 22 until 25 May 2014, the Europeans vote for the direction the countries will take together in future. Europe is very heterogeneous because of its cultural richness; but there is at least one topic which concerns all - and not only Europeans: the health of earth, its vegetation and wild life.

Recently, British eco-label Rapanui sent some images of new charity t-shirts and sweaters which will help collecting money for the World Wide Fund for Nature, the WWF.

The fashion items - such as the 'WWF Vanishing Polar Bear' t-shirt (image on this page), focus on the awareness of wildlife and climate; the photo-print shows the polar bear as a cut-out figure in the Arctic and the WWF-panda bear. Rapanui's prints make aware of species which are threatened by extinction caused by careless human behaviour and climate change. The eco-political fashion-messages are made of 100% certified organic cotton and manufactured at an ethically accredited, renewable energy (wind) powered factory. Each sold item (£3 from every t-shirt, £6 from every sweatshirt) will support the work of WWF for a harmonious living of humans with nature. Rapanui sells the items on

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