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Dressmakers' visual interpretation of zeitgeist and Viennese fashion

On 8 April 2014, the 'Wiener Modemacher', a network of Vienna-based tailors and modistes, presented women's wear which reflects the city's culture.

The summer outfit on this page wasn't produced in a large series and can be individually customized. The Viennese dressmaker tradition is similar to the French one - the technical term for the used cutting, processing and sewing methods for the production of (partly handmade) women's wear is even 'French Couture'. Even when the technical work methods are similar, the Viennese have their own approach to the design of clothes. The Wiener Modemacher are not only known for working and designing in the tradition of Vienna Couture; one of their core missions is the continuation of the spirit of the 'Wiener Werkstätte' (collaboration of architects, artists, designers from various fields), the expression of zeitgeist and the visual interpretation of 'Viennese fashion' in the meaning of the Viennese art of living.

fig.: Green sleeveless top with flower skirt, manufactured at Ingeborg Köberl's Maison de Couture; photo shooting on 8 April 2014 at Semper Depot in Vienna. 13 couturiers of the 'Wiener Modemacher'-network presented women's wear items to the themes 'trendy, happy, candy' and 'quick change' (references the quick change of an outfit for different occasions). Photographer: Daniela Beranek; location: Semper Depot, Vienna; hair: Josef Winkler & Team; makeup: Penelope Huttenthaler; shoes: shoetation; eyewear: schau schau.

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