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4 March 2015

Sport boots for players who know that some will love and some will hate them

Winners are not loved by everyone! Adidas pays with the f50 football boot series under the hashtag #ThereWillBeHaters tribute to this fact. The online communication is joined by footballers such as Austrian soccer player David Alaba (Facebook posting on this page).

Today, adidas launched the latest design of the series, the adizero f50 Tattoo Pack (images below); the artwork of the footwear differs between the left and right boot: 'Love' (depicted in bright colors, with roses on the sides and a heart at the toe as symbols for the player's love for the game) and 'Hate' (white skull as sign for strength and power).

Adidas states in the press release: "If you have "haters", then it's the ultimate compliment. The best players know that a great performance delivers "hate" from fans and opponents, particularly on social media, which then continues to fuel the confidence to deliver even greater performances. They thrive off it – and they make no apology in doing so."

The adidas adizero f50 Tattoo Pack comes as limited edition and will be available from 9 March (worldwide). More views from different angles on the boots via video.

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