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18 September 2015

Men's items for an active lifestyle: titan eyewear, oils for hair and skin, and mechanical sports chronographs

Fashionoffice selected pieces from three new men's lines which are already or soon available. What's unites them is that they are created from the latest technology and for sports activities respectively an active lifestyle.

fig. above: Formula E driver Daniel Abt with Titanflex sunglasses 824064. Image right: models of the new Titanflex x Audi Sport ABT collection. Photos by Torben Conrad Photography.
Earlier this month, men's eyewear label Titanflex presented the new 'Audi Sport ABT' collection with Formula E team Audi Sport ABT's driver and Titanflex sunglasses ambassador Daniel Abt right in time with the upcoming new FIA Formula E season which starts in October. Titanflex publishes on its website an interview where Daniel Abt speaks about his experiences as driver of cars fully powered by electricity and wearing glasses under the helmet. Parts of the new collection are frames which are especially designed for helmets. The very light titan frames of the collection are equipped with special TF-glasses (developed in collaboration with Rupp+Hubrach) which provide anti-scratch, anti-reflect and easy-clean (against water and dirt) features. The glasses are available in two versions. with high-contrast (advised for activities like driving or winter sports) or Xtra-polarized (better depth perception, reduce reflections).

Fashionoffice's two other examples for technology meets style concern the new Tom Ford line for men and the Zenith 'El Primero Sport' watch which combines mechanical time measurement with sports appeal.

fig. below: Tom Ford is known for his uncomplicated, easy approach to provide a so called 'maintained look'. For Tom Ford For Men, men's skin, hair and beard products were developed as multifunctional 'tools' from a Western technology (high effective compositions) and Eastern traditions (natural ingredients). The line consists of six products such as the beard oil (image below with beard comb) with jojoba and grapeseed oils, almonds. It's available in three different scents; in smoky oud wood, as fresh scent neroli portofino, or in the spicy-warm composition tobacco vanille. The second image below shows the multifunctional Skin Revitalizing Concentrate which stimulates natural repair mechanisms. It's advised to use it over night, apply it against redness, and/or also before and after shaving. (The line comes into Austrian stores in November.)

The last image shows the Zenith El Primero Sport. Zenith is known for activities in motorsports, especially oldtimer rallies. 'Mechanics and sports' is probably the best short description for the idea of the label's chronograph which is a new interpretation of the 1969 first launched El Primero.

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