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27 November 2015

Christmas party at boutique Runway with ballrobe salon shows and jeans presentation

For editorial photographers and writers, Advent and Christmas parties happen already before the official Advent starts with the 1st Sunday of Advent in two days on 29 November. At these parties and come-togethers, journalists receive the latest trends for Xmas, Sylvester parties or the new ball season and get insights into the range of holiday gifts such as men's jeans, seen at the Christmas party at boutique Runway at Goldschmiedgasse 10 in Vienna.

fig. from above, from left to right: The store windows of boutique Runway are decorated already with Christmas tree balls, stars and black and silver balloons. In one of the store windows, the spotlight is directed on the evening gown by Alwa Petroni with black and white striped sleeveless, shoulder-free top and black skirt.

Inside the store, Fashionoffice met the designers Manuel Rauner and Martin Pichler of Verdandy who selected some examples from the shelf for explaining the concept of their label and showing the range of jeans. They spoke about the origin of the name Verdandy (derived from Norse mythology), the colorful insides of some of the jeans, the contrasting threads and the message on the pocket lining. Verdandy started around three months ago and sells the jeans in Viennese stores and at the Verdandy webshop (international delivery).

Boutique Runway has two floors; the upper one where the Christmas party mainly happened can be described as a salon. Even the presentations of the current ball gown range happened in a salon-like atmosphere with personal talks as well as short introductions by the designers before the models made their defile and posed for the photographers.

Images 2nd row: The first image shows Inge Cecka; she is the designer behind 'Zoe'. The label is represented with an own shop in Vienna and an atelier in Baden, Lower Austria. Zoe produces one-of-a-kind pieces or very small editions. Inge Cecka gets her inspiration for the cuts from extraordinary textures and patterns of fabrics.

Each designer introduced into the idea behind the collection and the approach to couture. Alwa Petroni's signature alongside to the strong focus on black and white is the development of patterns from geometrical forms such as the cocktail dress from the Tandram collection; it's made of four rectangles. Her collections are timeless and not stamped by a season or year. The image (2nd row, right) depicts her with models in long dresses and headwear at her salon show. The inspiration - like for the last mentioned cocktail dress the Chinese puzzle Tandram, or thoughts about times of groundbreaking inventions (black/white evening gown from the 'Fourteen' collection at the store window), survive the short-time trends of average fashion. Alwa Petroni is hat-maker as well.

Image 3rd row: Snapshot of designer Claus Tyler making a selfie of himself and models in his gown creations.

Images 4th row: Alexis Fernandez Gonzalez (owner of Runway boutique) and Klemens Piribauer (winery Piribauer from Burgenland, Austria); last mentioned was one of the sponsors of yesterday's Christmas party; he brought the wine. Roberta Manganelli, owner of Stella Models, was on this evening another collaboration partner who attended as guest the party where the models of her agency presented the dresses. The photo shows her (left) on the side of jewellery designer Petra Hauser. Both wear the designer's necklace creations with long fringes.

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