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19 December 2016

Picture Organic Clothing's camo jacket for wildlife photographer and reporter Loc Lechelle

Snow, mountain and street wear label Picture Organic Clothing (started 2008 in France, available in more than 750 stores worldwide) presented some highlights of next year's Fall/Winter 2017/18 collection which is inspired by the exploration of nature, especially by the impressions the brand's founders Julien, Jeremy and Vincent made on their travels through Iceland, the nature park Bardenas Reales in Spain as well as the environment of the founder's homeland - the Glaciéres de Sylan in France. Colors of ice mountains, polar lights, the arctic cold and vibrant tones can be found at the FW17/18 items.

fig.: Special highlight of the FW2017/18 collection by Picture Organic Clothing is the 'Central Camo White Leaf Jacket' which was developed for wildlife photographer, filmmaker, reporter and polar guide Loïc Lechelle's outfit for the making of the report about the endangered species snow leopard in Siberia. The jacket - on view at the image below, protects visually (camouflage print) and from cold.

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