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14 August 2016

Artful scarves like 'The Other Orient' by Santorus seen at the online shop Lime Lace

Recently, the British online shop Lime Lace (ships interiors like home accessories, furniture, as well as jewelry and art globally) presented at its blog the range of silk scarves by London-based Santorus which is specialized on artful wallpapers and fabrics inclusively fashion items like scarves. The prints make think of works by surrealist painters like Salvador Dali who is known for the creation of dream-landscapes. The hand rolled silk twill scarf 'The Other Orient' (on view on this page; sizes vary - approximately 134 x 134 cm) for example is a fashion accessory which depicts artfully a fantastic, delightful world with various symbols: butterflies (transformation), wings (lightness, spirituality), an all-seeing eye (reminds that all actions have consequences) or two parading elephants (luck, happiness). It's a merry, light-hearted, colorful print. Santorus says about the design: "The West has always been fascinated by the East, we have taken classical oriental imagery and juxtaposed it with an ultra-modern European colour palette."

The beautiful campaign for the collection of Santorus silk scarves can be viewed at the page of underwater, fashion photographer Catherine Laura.

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