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24 Februrary 2017

Fashionoffice Spring/Summer 2017 tip: Color Experiments

Let the colors splash! Fashionoffice looked through the new and upcoming collections; experimental color mixing is one of the trends of Spring/Summer 2017.

The new collection of canvas espadrilles with ribbons 'Origine Slim' by Havaianas arrives in several colors such as on view at the image in ruby, yellow, light rose, black and (not on view at the image below) in denim blue and beige. It's recommended to style the ballet-shoe-like ribbons individually and change even the colors of them. The shoes have the same rubber sole like Havaianas flip flops; one pair costs (in Austria) around 37.- Euros. Photos: (C) Ari Custodio.

Sunglasses 'Tobias' with eight-sided (octagonal) frames from the capsule 'Octagon' collection by the Austrian eyewear label Andy Wolf is available in six colors. The models per color are limited to 500 pieces. Photos: (C) Volker Waldhauser.

The 'Pure Color Love' lipsticks by Estée Lauder are available from mid-March (around 25.- Euros) in Austria. Estée Lauder recommends to be spontaneous and choose colors individually for outfits, mood, or situations. Daring experiments like mixing colors, adjusting them even in a surprising color match with the outfit is the lipstick motto of Spring/Summer 2017.

The three 'The Beech Beach Piece' dresses are from the F-ABRIC Spring/Summer 2017 collection. They are available in black, peach skin, striped black/nature at FREITAG stores, selected resellers and on Photos: (C) Linda Suter;

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