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21 July 2017

Thomas Sabo 10th anniversary 'Rebel at heart' collection references Buddhist malas and fleur de lys symbol

This year, Thomas Sabo celebrates the 10th year of 'Rebel at heart' men's and women's jewelry in designs derived from Gothic, Middle Ages over rock music esthetics and motifs concerning the spiritual way to energy, luck, strength and power. The designs' cultural influences reach over hundreds of years and appear as if they will survive fashion even the next centuries. The brand's signature protective and luck-bringing signs like the 'Great Blessing' symbol are carried by several new parts of the jewelry line for FW17 such as bracelets or necklaces inspired by Buddhist malas (prayer beads).

The fleur de lys (or fleur de lis; the sign is strongly associated with Gothic style of the 12th until 15th century and heraldry) at the 'Rebel Skull' series is a new symbol which premieres at the 'Rebel at heart' line this season. Skull rings or pendants with this symbol stand for strength and power.

Photos: (C) Matthias Mueller

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