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21 September 2017

Vienna Insight: Freywille presented 3 premieres - jewelry without art pattern, rosé gold items and a perfume duo composed to harmonize between him and her

Fashionoffice attended the Freywille press day in Vienna, where the globally active Austrian jewelry label known for art inspired multi-colored fire enamel designs for bracelets, earrings, pendants,... is headquartered, and took some snapshots of the new collections. Freywille presented three premieres: This season, it's the first time that the brand produces monochromatic bracelets. The colors of the bangles of the 'Monochrome' capsule collection match with other items such as the new 'Papillon' jewelry (on view at the first image below, left). The French word papillon means butterfly; the jewelry patterns show abstract forms derived from Jugendstil, Art Nouveau representations of the flora and fauna such as depicted at the work of painter Alphonse Mucha. Alphonse Mucha is beside Gustav Klimt, Claude Monet, Egon Schiele,... one of the most important inspiring sources of Freywille designers. The new 'Poésie d'amour' collection (image in the middle) pays homage to Alphonse Mucha; especially his depiction of peacock feathers in Art Nouveau style. The very light and soft appeal of the motifs caused another Freywille premiere: the use of 24kt rosé gold.

The third premiere on view at the press day was the perfume duo 'Le Couple': The most requested fragrance from the Freywille perfume collection for women, the 'Sphinx Innocent' was presented together with the men's eau de toilette 'Le Sphinx' (picture right). The two scents are composed as a harmonious interplay with partly the same ingredients (mandarin, cedar wood and amber) and develop - worn on the skin of a couple - with the floral ingredients (iris, jasmine) of 'Sphinx Innocent' and matching lavender and sage of 'Le Sphinx' a new fragrance experience. Fashionoffice tasted both scents; each of them can stand alone - in the mix, it appears like a completion. It's announced that 'Le Couple' will be launched soon for a special couple-price at Freywille stores.

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