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...became creative for the Bobbi Bear charity for children's sake. The auction will open today on 24 November 2014 at 12:00pm EST on where money for the support of initiatives of the organization Bobbi Bear (protect children from sexual abuse and HIV) will be collected until 8 December.

The chic outfits of the bears reach from folk art over casual and couture fashion to political statements.

Opera singer Anna Netrebko for example dressed her bear into Austrian tracht (folk costume) and bejeweled it with (by referencing the colors of the Austrian flag) white-silver and red-purple shimmering Swarovski crystals.

fig.: Bobbi Bear Auction 2014. Photo: (C) Anna Netrebko.

Musician Bruno Mars styled the bear in the singer's typical Bruno Mars casual style, Costume National's creative director Ennio Capasa presents Bobbi Bear in the label's current Fall collection, Vivienne Westwood's 'Climate Revolution' bear rebels for all of us, and the mayor of Vienna Dr. Michael Häupl equipped the bear with the armour of the knight of the cityhall (the 'Rathausmann') and applied the pin 'I ♥ Vienna'.

At the daily work of the Bobbi Bear initiatives, bears play an important role for solving the crimes because children can use the toy to tell what happened. "The children were able to communicate by drawing on the bear and using plasters to tell the story of what had happened to them," is the role of Bobbi Bear explained.

On 8 December, the Bobbi Bear charity auction for children will be continued at Sotheby's New York.

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