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Anne Collier about the presentation of women and content production

Today on 24 June 2014, Fashionoffice previewed some images of the retrospective of Anne Collier's work since 2002; the traveling exhibition 'Anne Collier' is organized by the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago.

New York-based photographer Anne Collier is known for her feminist view on the production of meaning and the representation of gender roles. Center pieces of the upcoming exhibition are images from the 'Woman With A Camera'-series (photo below). Anne Collier published already in 2009 an artist book with the same title, but her work on re-positioning popular role models, especially from the movie business like Marilyn Monroe, was continued since then with images such as 'The Stepford Wives' (2013) which shows a woman behind the camera in the role of the producer of content and meaning. Additionally, 'Questions' on tab pages will be presented (photo right). The tab pages make think of classical search-tools in libraries or archives. They carry questions such as "From whose viewpoint or perspective are we seeing, reading or hearing?" or "Are there other ways to interpret this information?" and invite visitors to think about the role of the content producer and his or her influence on the production of meaning and truth.

"Collier shows how a leering sexism has long guided the advertising of photographic products as well as the culture of photography magazines." introduces CCS - Center for Curatorial Studies Bard Galleries into the exhibition which will be on view from 28 June until 21 September 2014 at CCS Bard in New York before it travels to MCA Chicago (22 November 2014 - 8 March 2015), Aspen Art Museum 2 April - 15 July 2015, and in fall 2015 to The Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto.

fig. above, right.: Questions (Viewpoint), 2011. (The image shows two questions: "From whose viewpoint or perspective are we seeing, reading or hearing?" or "Are there other ways to interpret this information?") Chromogenic print. Collection of Charlotte Ford.
fig. below: 'Woman With A Camera (The Last Sitting, Bert Stern)' by Anne Collier, 2009. Chromogenic print. Collection of Martin and Rebecca Eisenberg. Photos provided by MCA Chicago in June 2014.

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