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Traditional regional patterns on Easter eggs remind the style of textile prints

In early March 2014, Fashionoffice searched for Easter markets in Austria and found these eggs with Stinatzer scratch art. Easter Sunday is this year on 20 April. Easter is not only a religious festival with old wisdoms such as the one that "we will reap what we sow". Earth Day is only two days later on 22 April. Earth Day 2014's theme is 'Green Cities'; more about the campaign for reducing the carbon footprint on

Easter originates from old nature religions and the celebration of the awakening of nature after winter. The image of Easter eggs on this page is a traditional Easter motif - eggs in a quasi bird nest are standing for the new-born. The patterns of the eggs are traditional arts & crafts works by women from Stinatz, South Burgenland in Austria. This region is characterized by two dominant cultures/languages: the Austrian (which could be defined as carrier of various cultures and many dialects) and the Croatian. It is recorded that the arts & crafts of engraving the eggs this way is part of the Croatian cultural heritage in Austria. The patterns (flowers and religious motifs) are engraved by knives into the colored eggs and remind the style of Blaudruck-prints on textiles from the region; the Blaudruck-textile print technology belongs to Austria's inventory of cultural heritage listed by Unesco.

fig.: Easter eggs from Stinatz, Burgenland in Austria. Photo: (C) Südburgenland Tourismus.

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