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The Old Testament interpreted by visual art and electronic music

Each year in late November and December, the Viennese churches offer a rich program of events; especially music events - from Bach, Mozart, Schubert over Händel, Haydn to Beethoven a wide range of concerts happen at the city such as at Stephansdom or Annakirche. But an electronic concert by an international musician with visuals by VJs is even for the music-addicted Viennese a 'novum' in the annual program. The novelty 'Electric Church' will be held at Karlskirche.

On 27 November 2014 (21:00 - 22:30), the 'Electric Church' visual artists 4youreye and musician Sergio Flores will depict and add sound to the most known stories of the Old Testament such as about Adam and Eve from the book Genesis (on view at the image on this page) at Karlskirche. For the electronic-classic-soul-dance music composition Electric Church, DJ and producer Sergio Flores was inspired by the five books of Moses. On the Facebook site of Electric Church, several images of the scenes are published with short description of the content which will be interpreted by the artists. The Adam and Eve theme is entitled 'Eden' and is described as paradise where love reigns which ends caused by uncertainty, 'Babel' is about the logic of human thinking (language) and spirituality, or 'Listen' from the book Exodus will tell the story about Moses, the Ten Commandments and the Golden Calf - an idol or cult image.

The visual interpretation was created by the artist duo 4youreye who will project live images to the baroque architecture of Karlskirche. The style of their work is described as a mix of art films of the 20ies, political cut-up techniques, experimental films of the 50/60ies, and esthetics of happenings and music concerts of the 70/80ies.

Electric Church announced that the concert will be held next year in 2015 at Stephansdom in Vienna.

Photo provided on 19 November 2014; (C) Electric Church.

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