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Fashionoffice Insight
by Karin Sawetz, publisher Fashionoffice
(21 April 2014)

Eyewear style from the beginning of the publication of Fashionoffice in 1996 until today

The 'mother' of all Fashionoffice domains is which began to deliver editorial content already in 1996. One of the first interviews which where held, written and published was the one with eyewear label founder Robert La Roche who talked not only about his eponymous brand (which he sold several years later) but also about the situation of the Austrian lifestyle industry and the country's media. published many interviews with Austrian fashion producers - and some of them had to be deleted as online media publishers had not as much right in their own products (such as interviews) like for example printed media. Well, we deleted the interviews which led users via search engines over keywords like brand names even to the magazine and not only to their websites - and banned the ones who forced us to do so from future publications on our domains; only to protect us and our work. We have the right to refuse the production of editorial content such as we have the right to publish it - and we use our rights. This here isn't a request concert!

I can remember the interview with Robert La Roche very well; it's been almost 20 years that I met this friendly man who gave a new publication which was exclusively distributed via new technologies (only few people had internet in 1996) the chance to prove that the idea of 'communication without borders' can succeed. It was his time he spent for the interview.

When I searched new eyewear several months ago, I tried these sunglasses (fig.: eyewear on view on the image on this page) and liked them instantly. They are Robert La Roche sunglasses which evoke each time I put them on positive memories of the beginning of the online publication Fashionoffice on the domain

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